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​While the majority of Geis Development activities are ground-up development, we also have a desire and the ability to acquire existing properties for redevelopment. Our team is able to bring the experience and resources needed to turn a building around and create value in the assets.

​Should you own a property in need of repositioning, upgrade or total redevelopment, Geis Development would acquire, joint venture or lead the redevelopment opportunity with existing property owners.

Geis Development's partners are also interested in the outright acquisition of redevelopment or repositioning opportunities, where we can take advantage of our construction, leasing and management expertise.

Impact on Your Business

Once Geis Development has arrived at the optimum space solutions for your company, we can help you decide how to best pay for it. The ownership structure and capital structure you use will impact your bottom line. Geis can assist you in understanding the most efficient and strategic way to structure your deal.

​Geis Development has maintained strong working relationships with its capital resources. We have been active in financing both our own and our customers buildings for over 40 years, and look forward to using our knowledge and expertise to assist you with your project's financial requirements.

Comprehensive Approach

Quality property management is a key factor in the success of any investment property. We employ a comprehensive, full-service approach that focuses on three primary components.   

1. Client Retention: Keeping existing clients is the key to financial stability.   

2. On-Site Physical Maintenance: Buildings need to provide pleasant environments for employees, visitors and the communities in which they are located.   

3. Financial Viability: Accomplishing the owner's financial objective for each of their investment assets.